Real Connection against bullying

Real Connection project aims to contribute and fight against the Bullying and Cyberbullying phenomena through an innovative approach that provides the design and the implementation of educational, informative and partecipatory actions, that address Portici and Naples (Scampia neighbourhood) local community.

Specific project actions:

  • Bullying and cyberbullying phenomena mapping in order to understand the specific territorial espression, in terms of geographical spread, record and target.
  • Design of a digital platform with content and in depht-analysis
  • Launch of a psychological support Help line online and offline
  • Launch of an awareness campaign together to a contest for young videomaker
  • Organisation of a Workshop for teenagers about the informed and creative use of social media.

These instruments will help to promote new volountaireeng and socialisation experiences for teenager bullying and cyberbullying victims in order to strenghten the interconnection capacity in a healthy and real way with a belonging context and at the same time contribute to develope good practice of social, cultural and environmental commitment

The project involves Project Ahead’s participation, as an external associate partner for the implementation of educational courses oriented to relational microsystems that create the environment in cui cyberbullies and their victim live. Project Ahead it’s going to take care of the organisation of:

a project design for no profit class, for stakeholders and social workers involved in project action, in which will be faced diffrent topics: funds research, writing and managing, creation of a cooperation network.

a Focus group for parents and teacher, about conflicts resolutions, non violent communication, educational relationship, starting by the results achieved through the previous project actions

The work will end with the production of a Vademecum with the innovative strategies results applied in the project and good practices activated for the social change.

The project is funded by Regione Campania with Labour and Social Policies Ministries government funding, ID N.94 Real Connection.


On going:


Regione Campania


  • Sagapò Associazione di Volontariato (capofila)
  • Centro Giovani Agorà
  • Associazione Dream – Donne in rete