Project Ahead is a social enterprise that provides consulting service and supports social innovation

We address SMEs, non-profit organizations, public institutions, civil society aiming to develop enterprise creation process and to foster paths of shared innovation, facing social problems.

Entrepreneurs, freelance, innovators who want work, share their ideas and develop entrepreneurial projects with a positive impact on society and environment are welcome in our spaces and community.


Project Ahead was founded in 2001 as a cooperative active in consultation and planning in youth policies and in new multicultural experimentation models.

Since 2009 Project Ahead has joined an European Network. It designs and manages national and Community projects dedicated to innovation, social inclusion, social venture.

In 2011 takes part to the design and the organisation of Naples 2.0. International Social Innovation Competition for innovators and creatives from all over the world.

In 2012, for the first time in Italy, Project Ahead organized the Social Startup Weekend (from the Startup Weekend format) focused on the creation of social enterprises, later renamed Social Change Wave.

Since 2017 we have been managing Dialogue Place, an incubator of multicultural social innovation and coworking space based in the heart of Naples.

In 2020 Project Ahead became social enterprise cooperative.


We support the change through social innovation

We are a team of experts, part of national and international networks. We believe in the importance of creating goods, services, models and systems able to generate a positive social impact related to market dynamics.

We believe in the promotion of innovative and creative entrepreneurship as instrument for social change.

We encourage the creation of partnerships and support business communities that share innovative strategies, actions and opportunities for the economic and social development.

We strive for sharing of objectives at the institutional level, smart communities and responsible consumers.

We have a vision of the future aims at creating conditions for social change consistent with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the General Assembly, in particular with:


Marco Traversi

Founder, CEO

Expert in business creation and social innovation. Director of Dialogue Place

Angela Paola Paradiso

Board Member, Administrative Officer

Experience in management and reporting of projects and in consulting services to non-profit organizations. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme Supervisor.

Pietro Leuci

Board Member, Senior Project Manager

Chartered accountant, expert in tax system for SMEs, startups and third sector organizations. Consultant in sustainability analysis and CSR.

ivan esposito

Ivan Esposito

Partner, Senior Project Manager

He works with words. He deals with cultural actions and social communication for public institutions and private-social organizations.

Adamo Andriulo

Partner, Senior Project Manager

Expert in planning, development and monitoring of national and international projects concerning education and vocational training and social and economic promotion.

annalisa correale

Annalisa Correale

Partner, Communication Manager

Skills and experience in cultural heritage, she advocates economic sustainability and social impact.

Roberto Rossetto

Associate, Project Manager

Experience with AEGEE student organization, he facilitates relationships between entrepreneurs under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Lucia Franco

Associate, Project Manager Officer

Expert in designing, planning and developing partnerships, managing and implementation of european and national projects,with focus on social interventions.

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Federica Arpaia

Associate, Coworking Manager Junior

With an artistic background, she uses her creativity as the key to solve problems and manage the coworking space.

Dana Cappiello

Associate, Communication Manager

Graduated in languages and social research, she has always be interested in the digital sphere and she manages communication.