We support the change through social innovations

Project Ahead is a social enterprise that provides consulting service and supports social innovation

We address SMEs, non-profit organizations, public institutions, civil society aiming to develop enterprise creation process and to foster paths of shared innovation, facing social problems.

Entrepreneurs, freelance, innovators who want work, share their ideas and develop entrepreneurial projects with a positive impact on society and environment are welcome in our spaces and community.


Social innovations are new ideas aim at solving urgent social and environmental challenges we face everyday. They may consist of a new product, a process, technology, but also a principle, a legal act, a movement, an action or their combination. Above all, they represent the capacity, the ability, the strength of the society to understand, analyze, face and solve these challenges.

(Italian network the Hub – I-SIN – Kublai, 2011)

Consulting and planning

We develop strategies and actions of social innovation

Business creation

We help ideas to change the world

Training courses

We improve your attitudes and competences about social entrepreneurship

Innovation and creativity

We test regeneration and ideas contamination initiatives and tools

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

We facilitate international exchanges of entrepreneurs


We give space and value to your talent


Project Ahead nasce nel 2001 come cooperativa impegnata in consulenza e progettazione nell’ambito delle politiche giovanili e nella sperimentazione di nuovi modelli di imprenditorialità multiculturale.

Dal 2009 entra in un network europeo. Idea e gestisce progetti nazionali e Comunitari dedicati all’innovazione, all’inclusione sociale, al social venture.

Nel 2011 è tra gli ideatori ed organizzatori di Naples 2.0. International Social Innovation Competition per innovatori creativi di tutto il mondo.

Nel 2012 organizza per la prima volta in Italia il Social Startup Weekend (dal format Startup Weekend) con focus sulla creazione di imprese sociali, poi diventato Social Change Wave.

Dal 2017 gestisce Dialogue Place, incubatore di innovazione sociale multiculturale e coworking nel cuore di Napoli.

Nel 2020 Project Ahead diventa cooperativa impresa sociale.





Marco Traversi

Founder, CEO

Expert in business creation and social innovation. Director of Dialogue Place.

Angela Paola Paradiso

Board Member, Administrative Officer

Experience in management and reporting of projects and in consulting services to non-profit organizations. Responsible of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

Pietro Leuci

Board Member, Senior Project Manager
Chartered accountant, expert in tax system for SMEs, startups and third sector organizations. Consultant in sustainability analysis and CSR.
ivan esposito

Ivan Esposito

Partner, Senior Project Manager

He works with words. He deals with cultural actions and social communication for public institutions and private-social organizations.

Adamo Andriulo

Partner, Senior Project Manager

Expert in planning, development and monitoring of national and international projects concerning education and vocational training and social and economic promotion.

annalisa correale

Annalisa Correale

Partner, Communication Manager

Competence and experience in cultural heritage, she advocates economic sustainability and social impact.

Roberto Rossetto

Associate, Project Manager

Experience with AEGEE student organization, he facilitates relationships between entrepreneurs under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

Lucia Franco

Associate, Project Manager Officer

Partnership agreement design, planning expert, national and european project management with a special focus on social operation

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Federica Arpaia

Associate. Coworking Manager Junior

With a 360° artistic background, for here creativity is the key for problem solving and coworking space management.

Dana Cappiello

Associate, Communication Manager

Social Research and linguistic background, she has always been interested in digitalin digital world and she takes care of communication

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    “Young people and their creativity are the driving force for the economic development.” “cultural differences are a competitive edge!” “the best enterprise causes a significant impact on its life… and on the community”
    Marco Traversi
    CEO Project Ahead
    "Social enterprise is an exciting challenge: it combines solidarity and efficiency in a world dominated by the concept selfishness-profit"
    Marco Musella
    Full professor of Political Economy UNINA
    “Circular economy, product and process innovation, efficiency are a driving force for the economic recovery of territories”
    Annalisa Corrado
    Technical manager of ESCO AzzeroCO2
    "Sharing and participation are in themselves innovation."
    Giovanna De Rosa
    Director of CSV Naples
    "Female employment, the gender pay gap, the development of sustainable solutions to big social problems are the challenges of the 21st century. Women entrepreneurs are the instrument to deal with this problem"
    Lilia Giugni
    CEO of GenPol-Gender & Policy Insights
    "Promoting social innovation culture is essential to create new patterns of sustainable development. But they are really sustainable if they take into account not only the environment, but also the social and economic aspect."
    Alessia Guarnaccia
    CEO of Pandora Group Srl


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    We cannot expect things to change if we keep doing the same things.

    (A. Einstein)

    If you want to change, contact us


    Monday - Friday 09.00 - 19.00


    Via della Sapienza 18, 80138 Napoli
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    80138 Napoli


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      Leggi la nostra privacy policy per maggiori informazioni su come trattiamo i tuoi dati personali.