Spaces, services and networks enhancement to achieve a social impact for disadvantaged people.

#DIALOGUE INN projectcofunded by European Union and Italian State and Regione Campania,within the scope of POR Campania FESR 2014-2020, it was created by Project Ahead to contribute to the support and the strenghtening of spaces and service to the development of entrepreneurial activities

The aim is enhancing the social enterprises incubator and the coworking space Dialogue Placemanaged by Project Ahead and situated in Naples city center, as producer and enabler of inclusion and inclusion process for young and unexpressed local talents and disadvantaged people subjected to work and social exclusion

Thanks to the project and the supporting network created by Project Ahead, Dialogue Place will be placed at the very heart of a social innovation and entrepreneurship supporting ecosystem, that joins a physical and social infrastructure in an interconnected system, finalised to create educational training courses, new skills and overtake social and work esclusion conditions

The project aims to implement the Dialogue Place role as a creativiy space and a social and cooperative process activator, an innovative hub, a reference point not only for Naples neighborhoods but also for the disadvantaged areas around Naples

Specific project actions:

  • Dialogue Place coworking space enhancing, to support disadvantaged people, international and local smartworkers.
  • Co-Living spaces creation
  • Creation of permanent or temporary Community of practice that can enable social innovation processes
  • Activation of multidisciplinary training courses through self-entrepreneurship, capacity building, active citizenship, international exchange
  • Local community support through new sustainable, economic and social impact services
  • Reiteration of experiences and actions in different context for a generative exchange between territories

The action are oriented to disadvantaged people (unemployed, migrants) younger citizens, startupper, young entreprenerus, social workers


On going:


POR Campania FESR 2014-2020