Social innovation for cultural and impact finance access

The Impacting Rome project is financed by the Social Innovation Fund of the Department of Public Administration, a three-year program that aims to strengthen the capacity of public administrations in carrying out interventions that meet social needs (Europe 2020 Strategy).

Impacting Rome is a three year social innovation project that contributes to create and support a digital ecosystem for a better and more modern cultural access and production in Rome.

The initiative aims to improve the quality of services and the well-being of citizens in the areas of cultural animation and work inclusion. The goal is to implement the cultural participation of some categories of citizens and the training of new professional figures capable of creating a digital platform inspired by the principles of network science, which uses the evidence provided by multiple data collected on the territory in an innovative way The aim of the project is to increase the value of the Capitoline cultural ecosystem, through an effective involvement of citizens, administrators, cultural operators, students, investors, and attract private investments in this sector through an innovative finance model.

The final purpose is the the groth of a valuable cultural ecosystem in Rome, through the citizen, public administration, social workers, students, investors involvement to attract private investiments in this specific field through an innovative finance model.

The role of Project Ahead is to contribute to the construction of the impact finance tool to support the development of the cultural activities envisaged by the project in favor of the relational ecosystem of the city of Rome. It will coordinate also the partners educative activities and support the partnership during the administrative managing of the project.


On going:


Fund for Social Innovation of the Department of Public Service


  • City of Rome, Cultural Activities Department
  • ULIS social enterprise, cooperative company
  • ReTer, Reti e Territorio Association
  • Human Ecosystems Relation
  • University of Rome “Tor Vergata”