YOU SI NET – Youth Social Innovation Network Reload

Youth Social Innovation Network Reload (You SI Net), cofunded by European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) programme Erasmus Plus – Virtual Exchanges in Higher Education and Youth, is a pilot project that aims to shake online education within the scope of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Developed to overtake the unequal impact of the pandemic, YOU Si Net Reload aims to strenghten the young people living in mediterrenean areas of Europe, North Africa and the Near East, willing to transform contemporary challange in new chances.

You SI Net Reload is an internationa consortium formed by three social entreprises set in Italy and Morrocco (Project Ahead, Impact Hub Siracusa and Happy Smala) that will enhance skills and cross-boarder cooperation of five youth organisations from Italy, Spain, Jordania, Tunisia, Egypte(Agenzia Per La Promozione Dei Giovani in Italia, Fundacion Desarrollo Social Responsable, PARACHUTE16, Future Islands and Icealex).

The aim of You Si Net Reload is strenghten young people’s skills to educate young innovators and nurture new leaders of tomorrow that can tackle social challenges of their community.

The project action will have these objectives:

  • Community involvement: focus on specific needs of the local communities, social workers involved in activation of social and cultural regeneration .
  • Strenghten entrepreneurs: activation of tailored trainings for young innovators and social entrepreneurs, to give professional hard and soft skills, promoting social and cultural work.
  • Cross-border cooperation: aiming to create a bridge between Europe and Mediterrenean areas, diffuse values and european policies bonded to social innovation, promoting cooperation.
  • Intercultural dialogue: promoting intercultural dialogue and social innovation benefits of our cultural heritage, becoming a best practices and ideas exchange platform.
Training online

You SI Net Reload training course online addresses social worker, aspiring social entrepreneurs or people that are interessed in processes of change.

  • Training on Social Innovation Process – May 2024
  • Training for facilitators: How to become trainer on Social Innovation Topic – September 2024
  • Open online course on Social Enterprises
  • Open online course European and Med framework for Social Innovation
  • Open online course on Specific Languages (Arabic & English)
  • Open online course on Digital Storytelling


On going


European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) – European Commision


  • Project Ahead (lead)
  • Impact Hub Siracusa – Italy
  • Happy Smala – Morocco
  • Agenzia per la Promozione dei Giovani – Italy
  • Fundacion Transparencia Desarollo Social Responsabile – Spain
  • Parachute 16 – Jordan
  • Future Islands – Tunisia
  • Icealex – Egypt