Integration activities through crafts and performing arts aimed at the Burkinabè community of Naples

The Burkinabell project dall’arte all’impresa was funded by the Foundation for Africa and Cespi.

The goal was to promote Burkinabè culture, strengthen intercultural dialogue and improve the integration process starting from the sharing and development of artistic skills between young Italians and migrants from Burkina Faso and their transformation into entrepreneurial activities

Project Ahead organized training courses for business start-ups and on international cooperation and accompanied the experiences gained by the Burkinabè communities of Naples and its province with a project study within the Dialogue Place incubation path.

Our intervention encouraged the recipients’ design and networking skills by supporting them in the development of promotion projects and sharing of good practices also activated in the countries of origin.

The training was integrated with training modules on fundraising organized by the Sagapò Volunteer Association.. Open dance, music and cooking workshops have also been activated involving Burkinabè citizens




For Africa Foundation and Cespi


  • Song Taaba Adesib
  • Burkinabé Women Association of the Campania Region
  • LESS – Onlus Social Enterprise
  • Sagapò Volunteer Association
  • University of the Liberes of Naples